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Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam

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Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam

Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam was established in 1984 by Guruji Sri Gnanajothi Sampangi Swami as a Rajayoga center to bless Rajayoga in its purest and original form.

Now Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam, with its many branches around the world, cures incurable diseases and ailments of human kind with the power of original Yoga.

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Rajayoga Bodhana Sevasramam

For teaching and Training Raja Yoga, Swami founded Rajayoga Bodhana Sevasramam in 2005.

Rajayoga Bodhana Sevasramam conducts Yoga degree and certificate Training Programmes in various places. The patterns and the syllabus for all courses were designed and written by Swamiji himself.

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Padhmavaram campus hosts the head quarters of Rajayoga Bodhana Sevasramam and contains many other installations of Swamiji.
They include,
1. Gnanalayam
2. Padhmalayam
3. Mathiamuthalayam
4. Athmalayam
5. Sri Jothi Kalyana Mandapam
6. Guest house etc.


How to learn Yoga and join courses

Please contact the branch in charge of your nearest branch or our other regional contacts. A prior appointment is necessary. Branches meet people every weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday morning from 6 - 8 AM. You can consult for learning Yogasanas for your illness or any disease. Or to develop spiritually. All branch in charge and other contacts Swami's senior disciples. They will check your "Naadis"s (Pulse) individually and give you a selected set of Yogasanas.

For more information, please check Branches.

Occasionally Yoga camps are conducted in other places. For information about camps, please see News & Events page.


The books and other journals of Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam can be obtained from the Ashram library. You can also contact the branch heads and other contacts. They will arrange Ashram library to send you books on your prior payment.

Please check Books for more details.