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Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam - Learning Centers


Thabovanam's Learning Centers


Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam has its head quarters in Dadapuram and branches in Villupuram, Puduchery, Chennai and Mettur.

All centers are run by experienced and senior disciples of Swami. All instructors and trainers are certified.

You can go to any of our centers for learning Yoga. A prior appointment over phone is a must. Things to note before coming.

We check your "Nadi"s and teach Yogasanas selected for your body and mind. This is the traditional method followed by traditional Yogi's and Rishi's. We follow the purest form of Yoga Sasthra and teach you that. You will experience the real power of Yoga after entering this divine world.

The centers also conduct courses on Yoga. The courses are,

  1. Ari Nilai Yogi (Certificate)
  2. Ila Nilai Yogi (Diploma)
  3. Muthu Nilai Yogi (PG Diploma)
These courses include many scripts and literature in Indian Gnana Sasthra.

More Information will appear here soon

Important Notes