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The Puduchery center functions in the "Thiruvalluvar Nagar Sports Club" building.

The center has a spacious big hall, with separated space for gents and ladies for practicing Yoga. Two more separate rooms are available for ladies to do yoga privately. Total capacity: 40 persons can do yoga practice at a time.

Yoga is taught by paying individual attention. One teacher will train one learner at a time, for ladies by a lady teacher, and male teachers for gents.


A prior appointment is necessary for the new comers. The Puduchery center can be contacted through phone +91-9443218029 and phone +91-9952857872. in the evenings, preferably around 7 to 9 P.M.


We teach Yoga only on Sundays at 6:30 - 8:30 AM.


No 2, Opp to Ambica Nivas Apartments,
Thiruvalluvar Nagar Sports Club,
Thiruvalluvar Nagar,
Puduchery - 605011
PY, India


  1. M. Tandapany

    Shri M. Tandapany, aged 64, is a M.A. (English), and is a humble ardent disciple of Swami. He has 20 years of rich experience in Yoga in all its stretch and breadth.
    He was honored with "Yoga Rathna" (for his translation of Swami's works) by Swamiji. He translated two of Swami's books "Manadhin Nimmadhi" and "Rajayoga Sampoorna Yogasanangal" in English.
    Shri Tandapany was the patron for publishing all of Swami's books and the monthly journal "Sri Guru Gnanadeepam". Shri Anand covered and keeps archives He is also the President of Sri Gnanajothi Thabovanam.

    His phone: +91-9443218029

  2. Pon. Kamalanathan

    Shri Pon. Kamalanathan, aged 65, now retired from work in Postal Department, is a great devotee of Swamiji and follower of his immortal spiritual disciplines. He received "Yoga Rathna" honor from Swamiji for his work "Thuravum, Thavamum". Practising Rajayoga for more than 20 years and teaching Yoga for more than 10 years.

    His phone: +91-9952857872

  3. Balu

    Shri Balasundaram is a strict and loyal disciple of Swami for more than 20 years, keeping Swami, Raja yoga and its principles in pure form in him. A master of Indian wisdom and spiritual literature, he teaches Raja yoga and Swami's principles.

    Her phone: +91-9597764647


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